New In: ZARA heels

A girl can't have too many shoes. I certainly can't. These two are the latest additions to my collection. I bought them a while ago, but since I haven't been on here for months I thought this to be the perfect opportunity to share them with you! Besides they're perfect for the upcoming fall/winter fashion season.

The first one is a pointed high heeled sandal covered with black rhinestones. I got it on sale for about €39 a few months ago. I still haven't worn them out, but I already have a few outfit ideas for them.

The next one is a bit more rough and edgy. They are faux leather pointed gladiator/cut out knee boots or high heels. I'm not sure in which category to put these, nonetheless they are gorgeous. These were also on sale for about €29.

What do you think of these shoes? What are your buys in the shoe department? I have a few more to show you guys, so expect them on the blog soon.

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  1. URE BACK !!! YAAAAY hihihihih loved the shooeess hunnaay

  2. awesome style high heel fashion... wonderful

  3. Gorgeous sandals . Those shoes are very comfortable.

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