Traveling Diaries: Curacao & Bonaire Summer 2013 photo report

A few months have passed since I'm back in NL. But I still want to share some beautiful pictures I took on my summer vacation back home. Enjoy!

With Gwendell Mercelina Jr. from WENSHOW at his 25th birthday celebration. 

Part of the judging panel for the Miss Little and Pre-Teen Curacao 2013. 

Water balloon fight!!

Small purchase at a local store Lucky Cosmetics in Salina. Trying out the some new Maybelline products. 

Armcandy <3

Small farewell moment for my big sister heading to NL for her studies. 

Getting food from my favorite restaurant in Curacao, Lam Yuen. (Photo by Kevin Winklaar)

Chinese garlic shrimps at Lam Yuen Restaurant ... yummy!

Killing it at the TMF karaoke night with one of my Diva Squad besties Gislainne. 

We won the first and second price at TMF Karaoke! ^_^

Nature being pretty and all ^_^

My own nails with the at home Sensationail gel kit. Love it!

Santu Pretu beach at Banda Abou Curacao.

Playa Kenepa Grandi at Banda Abou Curacao.

Shete Boka at Banda Abou Curacao. 

Shete Boka at Banda Abou Curacao.

Chilling at Jan Thiel Beach.

We love the sun and sea @ Jan Thiel beach. 

Mix BBQ platter at Rodeo House restaurant.

Lounging at Saint Tropez.

Nature @ Banda Abou.

Nature @ Banda Abou.

Late night stroll at Renaissance Hotel. 

Renaissance Hotel area.

Batidos! Yummy fruit shakes, musthaves in the Curacao heat.

One of my final purchases in Curacao, were these scented Yankee Candles at THEA. 

Short 5 hour layover in Bonaire. 

Walk in the city of Bonaire. 

Anddd ... we went for a quick swim at Bonaire. 

How pretty is this view @ Bonaire.

Deep blue sea. Swimming for a few hours in this beautiful ocean reminded me how much I love the sea. It was the perfect closure for an amazing vacation. 
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