Review: EOS lip balm sphere and hand lotion

EOS products are such a hype among bloggers. And celebrities worldwide endorse these cute little spheres. But are they any good? Or are they just cute? Keep on reading for my short review.
EOS lip balm sphere and hand lotion review on homepage.

When a product gets a lot of hype online, people tend to buy them more. At first I wasn't planning on getting a new lip balm since I'm not a big fan of lip balms. Still I wanted to try this EOS brand out. 
EOS lip balm sphere and hand lotion review by GlamorousGia.
The one thing you immediately notice about these products are the cute packaging and the lovely colors. The hand lotion comes in a oval shaped flat squeeze tube. And the lip balm comes in a sphere with a twist cap.

EOS lip balm sphere and hand lotion in hand review by GlamorousGia.
I love that the products are small and thus fulfill their purpose to be on-the-go. The EOS everyday hand lotion is designed to fit in your purse or pocket and to look as good as it feels on your skin. In this little packaging you get 44ml (1.5fl oz) of product. The moisturizing ingredients are shea butter, oat extract, antioxidants and vitamins C/E. Furthermore this hand lotion is 97% natural and is free of paraben, phthalate, lanolin and dye. I really like hand lotion and I always carry it in my purse. I use a tiny amount after each hand wash. It makes my hands soft and it's quickly absorbed into the skin. It's not a miracle worker in regard to moisture, but it does good job. And a big plus is the lovely fresh floral but fruity scent. There are three scents to choose from. This minty blue one is called Fresh flowers.

EOS lip balm sphere twist top and hand lotion review by GlamorousGia.
The EOS lip balm in Pomegranate Raspberry has a bright reddish pink packaging. The cute sphere contains 7 grams of product. I love that every scent comes in a different color. Choosing just one is difficult, so I based my decision on the color of the packaging. And luckily this one smells/tastes amazing. But unfortunately the lip balm itself does not really work for me. The application is very stiff and it feels very oily on my lips. And it's actually a bit drying. This is a big no no for a lip balm, cause it defeats its purpose. For me the Burt's Bees lip balm one works a lot better. But for now I still use the EOS sphere before going to bed to prevent my lips from cracking ... and it does an ok job. It's surely a cute product to have in your purse and I also like holding it my hands.

The EOS hand lotion and the lip balm spheres retail for $2-4 in drugstores. In the Netherlands you can get them online for €5.45 and €5.25 at As of today November 18th, you can also find these products at BOQZ in Eindhoven (Rechtestraat 51)!

Overall I think the EOS brand is a bit over-hyped. But the products are very cute and would make great gifts! What is your experience with the EOS brand? 

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