New Glam Wish: Black & White

It's about time that I did a new Glam Wish. More and more items end up on my glam wish list each day. Sometimes it feels like I want everything I come across, but I can narrow it down to a few must haves. Since the black and white trend transitioned from winter into spring (and even summer I think), I'm sharing a few of my picks for the trend. 

Number 1 is my all time favorite gold YSL arty ring with a dark blue spotted glass stone. I've read that with the change of the brand to Saint Laurent, the arty rings will no longer be part of the collections. I'm not sure if this is true, but I sure hope not. Luckily the rings are still available on Net-a-porter, but for €195 a piece they're a bit pricey for my student budget. But still I hope to one day own at least a few of these gorgeous YSL arty rings.

Next up are shoes by ZARA. Whoever designs shoes for ZARA, might just be a genius. They always have shoes with the perfect heel height and slope. Number 2 are the black Espadrille wedge sandals €59.95. It's almost summer, so I will need a pair of beautiful wedges. A trend I'm also loving is the strappy heels trend. I already own a ZARA basic sandal from last summer (here). But I would love to add some more to my growing shoe collection. I'm saving up for #3 white ankle strap sandals €49.95 and/or #5 black and white basic sandal €39.95. All three shoes look gorgeous online, so I'm heading to a ZARA store soon, to try them on. Which one do you think I should definitely get?

Also from ZARA I'm loving the #4 animal print evening bag and the #6 zebra pattern jacquard mini skirt. The evening bag is a bit pricey in my opinion, €59.95 is bit too much for a small bag. But it is very pretty though haha. And what I love about the mini skirt is it's textured fabric and the pattern.
The ZARA summer sale is usually in June, so I hope to score some of these items then!

Q: What do you think of my Black & White Glam Wish list? Any item also on your list?

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  1. I want everything on your list lol...

    1. I know right? ^_^ I went to Zara today and tried out the two strappy heels. And the black and white one was gorgeous. They They didn't have the wedges in stores.