Shopping Tip: Mid-Season Sale

The mid-season sale has started! I'm a big fan of I especially love their shoe collections. They always have the best and trendy heels I can find online. During a sale you have to buy at least one pair of heels. That is my ultimate online shopping tip. There is a great find for every taste and budget. As per usual I've made a list of my favorite items in the sale. Find out what I've purchased from the list after the break. 

1. NLY Shoes Kaylee floral platform heels - €79.95 now €55.95
2. NLY Trend Spike loafers in leopard print - €59.95 now 23.95
3. NLY Trend Spike loafers in taupe - €59.95 now €23.95
4. NLY Shoes nude Sonya all over spike/stud - €74.95 now €29.95
5. NLY Shoes black Sonya all over spike/stud - €74.95 now €29.95
6. NLY Shoes Callie blue pumps with spike cap toe - €47.95 now €18.95
7. Mi Lajki Amanda large feather bright colored earrings - €22.95 now €10.95
8. NLY Trend now collar brooch - €14.95 now €5.95
9. Mi Lajki gold armor ring - €14.95 now €6.95
10. NLY Accessories five-finger earrings - €8.50 now €3.95
11. NLY Shoes Jade cap toe heels white/silver - €39.95 now €15.95
12. NLY Shoes Haylee floral platform heels - €79.95 now €55.95
13. NLY Accessories Seahorse earrings in turquoise and gold - €12.95 now €4.95
14. Mi Lajki kia ring - €13.50 now €6.95
15. NLY Shoes Jade cap toe heels mint/rose gold - €39.95 now €15.95

Check the links above to find the items on Nelly. I've ordered two items on the list and I already own two items on the list. First up I've had my Nelly Trend Jade heels in mint (#15) and white (#11) since last year. Check them out in this post - New In: Nelly Jade cap toe shoes. The bright blue Callie heels (#6) have been on my wishlist for some time now. So the minute I saw them on sale, I had to buy them. They look absolutely amazing. I also ordered the Spike loafer in the color taupe with gold studs/spikes (#3). The spiked loafers would make a great everyday shoe now that it's getting warmer. I can't wait for my package to arrive so I can wear my brand new shoes. I'll post about them as soon as they arrive. Looking at the list I might ... just might order a few more things haha. I'm eyeing the Sonya heels (#4/5) and the feather earrings (#7).  What do you think?

PS. The Nelly mid-season sale ends thursday 2nd of may at 9am! shipping is FREE! Happy Shopping!

Like any of the items I picked out? Have you already shopped the Nelly mid-season sale? What did you get? Leave a comment below with your favorites and (potential) purchases. xx


  1. Oh Gia, I'm thinking about getting number 6 but in white and number 15