Tip: 50% off Nelly Trend Spike Loafers

Studs and spike are always trending in fashion land. Many brands incorporate spikes and studs in clothing to achieve a cool and trendy look. Nelly Trend is the Nelly.com product line which is always right on trends. Last year they came out with some amazing spike loafers in neutral colors. Of course they were an immediate success! The NLY Trend Spike Loafers now come in many spring and summer ready colors. 

The good news is that as of today till Sunday March 17, the loafers are priced at only €27.95. That is a 50% off discount. So if you also fancy the spike and studs trend, check these out here at Nelly.com. Don't miss out on the amazing offer! Check out all the colors here. I especially love the hot pink, taupe and leopard print version.

Q: Which one do you like? Or not a fan of spike loafers? Tell us why.
xx, Gia

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  1. Nice shoes. I like your blog. wanna follow each other?

  2. nice shoes