Lovin' it: Milky Glitter Nail Polishes

Milky Glitter nail polishes are basically glitter polishes that have a semi sheer cream base. Hence the name milky glitter polishes. Indie nail polish brands have been making fun creations for a couple of years now and sell them online through Etsy or Facebook. You can also achieve a milky glitter manicure by doing a glitter jelly sandwich. Give this a Google and see the amazing creations of nail bloggers worldwide.
But if you simply want your milky glitter polish in one bottle, I have great news. Many big brands are picking up this trend, check them out after the jump!

Pastel creams with small black glitter.
L-R: I’m Not Edible (pink) | Polka Dots and Moonbeams (white) | Rockin Robin (pastel green)

Shimmers with small colored glitters. Not true milky glitters, but still very nice. These were inspired by last years very popular Mermaid's Dream polish. 
L-R: Million Dollar Mermaid (orange) | Do the Mermaid (purple) | Mermaid’s Kiss (pink) | Mermaid’s Eyes (blue)

We have already seen a few beautiful milky glitters such as Glitter in The Air and Candy Shop by Deborah Lippmann. This spring and summer their coming with these two new collections of milky glitter polishes. In the Netherlands you can buy Deborah Lippmann polishes online for €19-23 at BoozyshopPromakupstore and Nelly.com. These collections are both already available on the Nelly.com site! Check them out here

Speckled nail varnish. Pastel creams with small and micro matte black glitter. These resemble speckled eggs or freckles on the face and body.  
L-R: Speckle (lilac) | Scarce (pink) | Freckle (brown) | Mottle (green) | Fragile (blue)

The Illamasqua speckled nail varnishes have recently been launched. As of now you can buy them online at Illamasqua.com for €17.34 or at ASOS for €19.55. Although they're a bit pricier at ASOS, considering the free shipping ASOS offers a much better deal. As far as I know Illamasqua polishes are not available in stores in the NL. I'm still not sure if I'll be getting one of these, because they aren't cheap and I can't decide which one I like more. 

Pastel creams with medium, small and micro colored glitter.
L-R: Popular (light pink, silver) (swatches) | Girly (pink-lilac, purple pink holographic) | Whimsical (light blue, pink blue) (swatches)

I actually own Popular and Whimsical (Check them out in this haul). I bought both of them at the DA drugstore in Curacao. PS. Whimsical is a great dupe for the Deborah Lippmann Glitter in The AirRevlon nail enamels retail for $4.99 in US drugstores. I've also seen Revlon nail enamels for about €8-9 in some DA drugstores in the NL. I can't wait to add Girly to my collection. Since my parents are going to the US soon, I'll ask them to get it for me there.

Creams with medium, small and/or micro glitter. Six of the seventeen polishes in the collection are milky glitters.
L-R: 111 (blue, yellow-green silver) | 113 (pink, orange silver) | 105 (lilac, green purple)
L-R: 109 (pink, white red) | 110 (white, red black) | 115 (white, yellow orange blue green purple silver)

These Golden Rose nail lacquers are so cute and budget friendly. I especially love 113, 109 and 110. I'll be buying these very soon. PS. Number 115 is an exact dupe for China Glaze It's a trap-eze. The Golden Rose Jolly Jewels collection is already available. You can buy them online for only €3.95 at Misslipgloss or Nailpolish Fashion

Q: What do you think of milky glitters? Love it or hate it? Planning on buying any of these?