Lovin' it: Kanye West by Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel Summer Sandals

The latest collaboration between Kanye West and Giuseppe Zanotti are to die for! Kanye West worked once again with Itilian designer Giuseppe Zanotti on a new pair of women's heels. The heels are inspired by Kanye West's Cruel Summer album cover.
Giuseppe Zanotti shared this preview of the 'Cruel Summer' leather sandals last September on their facebook page. The stiletto heels are all-white and have a leaf/feather design, which is inspired by the ancient Greek. I was immediately intrigued by the very artistic and sculpture-like high heel sandals.

Kim Kardashian was of course the first one to own a pair of the killer Greek Goddess heels. She posted these photos on her Instragram a couple of weeks ago.

The all-white and feather/leaf/flame like center piece is so beautiful. It looks extremely luxurious and glamorous. And I am kind of obsessed with ancient Greek designs and mythology, so both the Cruel Summer album cover and high heels are perfect to me. I simply LOVE it!

The heels have also been spotted on the Song of Style sisters Aimee Song and Dani Song instagram. Check the photos below! All photos below are courtesy of Aimee and Dani Songs instragram.
Doesn't it look amazing in combination with her pants and nail polish?

The ceramic leaf details <3

There is also a black and gold version by Giuseppi Zanotti. Black, white and gold are my favorite colors at the moment. Nonetheless I think the white version is much more elegant and sophisticated.

The 'Cruel Summer' leather sandals are 130mm high and have an inwardly-curved heel. I think it looks amazing on the feet and the height is just right. The Kanye West and Giuseppe Zanotti Cruel leaves leather sandals are available at LuisaViaRoma.com for €1195. If or when I win the lottery anytime soon, these are definitely on my must buy list!

What are your thoughts on the Kanye West by Giuseppe Zanotti 'Cruel' leaves leather sandals? Love or hate it? 

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  1. I usually don't like Kanye's taste, but this are really pretty!

    1. Haha I know what you mean. But these are indeed pretty!