Video Review: GlitzyLips Metallic Lip Foils

Celebs like Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen have already rocked some gorgeous GlitzyLips metallic lips during their performances! Since then I've been very curious to test out these lip foils, especially because the application seems very easy. Now I can truly say that it is very easy, check out my video review and see for yourself.

Video Review: GlitzyLips Metallic Lip Foils
The cool thing about GlitzyLips is that you can apply the lip foil on whatever place you want. Think of the lips, nails, eyes, face and body! The eye-popping lip foil designs won't fade, flake or fuss for up to eight hours!

The GlitsyLips kit as seen in the video review includes one primer and one metallic foil roll. The primer is water-based and thus completely safe to use on the lips. One roll of GlitzyLips foil is good for 20-25 applications. GlitzyLips lip foil comes in many gorgeous colors with fun names. Check out all the colors on the website (here). 

If you're in the US you can purchase Glitzylips on their website (here) for $29.99. 
In the Netherlands the GlitzyLips kits cost €20,50 at the official Dutch website And how cool is it that my tutorial/review is featured on the website! In the meantime follow the GlitzyLipsNL twitter or GlitzylipsNL facebook page for more information and developments.  

Video Review: GlitzyLips Metallic Lip Foils on dark skin black girl.

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