13 Comfy but Fashionable Knitwear

The winter is approaching fast and it's time to take our warm and comfy clothes out of the closet. Being comfortable doesn't mean being unfashionable. Nowadays many brands make cute and glamorous comfy winter wear. I normally go for long sleeve blouses and shirts during the winter. But this year I’m really liking knitwear. I've been seeing many fashionable knit sweaters and jumpers online for the sweater weather.

Sweaters and jumpers can be pretty dull. To spice up your winter wardrobe look for color, patterns and prints when shopping. I'm a big fan of color blocking with neutral colors and black. Here are 13 sweaters and jumpers for the winter season.

My favorite sweater out of this range has to be the first one. As I said before I love neutral colors color blocking. It looks very structured and elegant. I would pair it a nice fashion statement necklace to finish the look.
L-R click & buy: color block sweater | black knit sweater | blue high low sweater | patterned sweater | gray pullover 

The ones below are a bit more fashion forward and fun. The mustache jumper fits right in today's trends. The aztec print jumper makes a great designer brand look a like. It also comes in a black version.
L-R click & buy: bright boyfriend dye jumper |  mustache jumper | gold embroidered cross jumper | Aztec print jumper

When I'm browsing online I always check Nasty Gal. They always have very trendy fashion. And for this seasons sweater weather they once again have some great options.
L-R click & buy: leopard print knit | American flag over sized knit | fluffy fringe detailing knit | black-white geometric print knit

I hope you got inspired by these lovely comfy by fashionable knitwear. I still have to order some for myself, which ones do you recommend?  The color block chevron sweater, the aztec print jumper and the bright boyfriend dye jumper are my favorites at the moment.
Q: What is your sweater weather style? Do you go for comfy, fashionable or both? Give us your tips!


  1. Love that your back Gia missed your postes

    1. Thanks Berry! xx Was busy with school, but now I'm making time for myself and my blog :D

    2. and for US woooottttt !!!!

  2. Super dope! I love comfy sweaters!