Shopping tip: ASOS fall sale

The mid-season sale at ASOS just started with up to 50% off. Although we don't shop as much as during the summer, brands bring out cute and trendy clothes in the fall and winter season. As always I go through all the items in the ASOS sale and pick out my favorites and musthaves. Keep on reading for all the items listed and an extra 10% off code!

1. ASOS Bright Boyfriend Space Dye Jumper49.40 now €25.00
2. Motel Cut Out Back Playsuit in Animal Print - €67.75 now €33.34
3. ASOS Metal Full Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses€21.17 now €14.58
4. ASOS Metal Hinge Handheld Bag€49.40 now €24.31
5. River Island Triple Gem Knuckle Duster Ring€16.94 now 7.64
6. ASOS Torque Necklace and Pair of Cuffs€28.23 now €13.89
7. ASOS Blouse with Folded Bib and Contrast Bow€45.17 now26.39
8. ASOS Suede Studded Clutch€49.40 now €29.17
9. ASOS Link and Plate Detail Waist Belt€16.94 now €7.64
10. ASOS Maxi Skirt in Mesh Spot€63.52 now €31.25

Check the links above to find the items on ASOS. To get an extra 10% off use this code at check out: SUPER10. Remember ASOS always has FREE worldwide shipping!

I'm really thinking of getting the ASOS link and plate detail waist belt. I love to wear black in the winter, so the turquoise link and plate detail belt will surely spice up my look. The ASOS bright boyfriend space dye jumper is also one of my big favorites because I love the colors and I need some comfy but fashionable winter clothes. At the moment I really like everything with studs, so the ASOS suede studded clutch had to be on the list. Actually I love all the items, haha. I'm still not sure if I'm going to buy them yet. Because next week we have 1 week vacation from school and I'm saving up for a shopping trip to Forever 21 in Antwerpen!

Like any of the items I picked out? Don't forget to leave a comment below with your favorites and (potential) purchases! xx


  1. Like you're blog!
    Love the sunglasses, very retro

    1. Thankss! Yes the glasses are very retro ;) love it

  2. great post! the dresses I wanted weren't on sale :(

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    1. Thanks! Oh that's such a bummer. I would say keep checking the site for new sale entries. Maybe you'll find the dresses ;)

  3. Hi Gia I nominated you for The Liebster Blog Awards.