Lovin' it: Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper

Last friday I went to the Bijenkorf in Eindhoven. I love to browse and see all the new luxury brands. Although I can't afford most of the items, I still love going to the Bijenkorf every once in a while. On my last visit I spotted this black Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper.
Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper black.

I was wearing my black Supertrash rainboots with the gold ST logo on the side. And I always 'try out' handbags and see how they looks in the mirror. This black Michael Kors Jet Set shopper fits perfectly with my black Supertrash rainboots. I fell in love with this black bag. The bag is very simple and quiet big. The leather material is very nice and sturdy. I am already a big Michael Kors fan and I've always liked the MK bags. Unfortunately all Michael Kors bags have a big price tag. This particular one costs 275EUR here in the Netherlands. In the US they retail for a lot less, so maybe I'll save up for when I'm on vacation in the US.

Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper white.
Now my obsession with the Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper bag does not stop here. Because they come in many different colors such as cream, turquoise and burgundy. As a matter of fact each season new trending colors are released. One color that I also really like at the moment is the white one. What I also like about the Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper totes is that it they are big enough to take to the beach but at the same time small enough to be an everyday bag. I really hope that one day I will be able to afford Michael Kors bags. I will have to work for what I want!
Find the black Michael Kors Jet Set Shopper online at the Bijenkorf. Find the white version here.

What are your thoughts on the Michael Kors Jet Setter tote? Love or hate it?

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  1. Love it I really would like the white one.

  2. Love it! I wanted to buy this one but got another on instead. For me this one was too big for an everyday bag.

    1. Which one did you get? These ones do come in different sizes. But my everyday bag is as big as this one hahaha so for me this one would be perfect :D

    2. Wow I never saw your reply! I got this one:


      I love it!

    3. Hey! That one is gorgeous as well! :D

  3. Love this one, especially the black one...
    By the way, they have it on sale now at Bijenkorf. Maybe it's a lottle more affordable now?!

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