Traveling Diaries: Curacao #3

So it's been little over a month since I'm back in NL. My vacation in Curacao was amazing. I had the best time ever. I feel like I've rediscovered the fun and excitement in Curacao. There is certainly no place like home. So today I want to share the last pictures for my traveling diaries Curacao 2012 series. Enjoy!
At the top of Mount Christoffel - the highest point on Curacao.
Boating every Sunday with the family at Spaanse Water and Hyatt.
Swimming at Hyatt. Love my H&M swimsuit.
Enjoying a delicious virgin Pina Colada at Papagayo Beachclub Beachbar.
Cocktails and dessert night at Fusions. Creme caramel is my favorite dessert!
This is my ultimate favorite food in the world. The Chinese garlic shrimps at Lam Yuen restaurant. I also had this meal on my last day on the island. It was delish!
I love seafood! 
At home we have two cats Tutu (in picture) and Desmond. I miss them both so much. They are super cute!
Second Curacao Bloggers Meet with all the girls at The Grillking restaurant. We had an amazing time! Can't wait to be back and see them all again. 
I had some amazingly delicious baby back ribs.
Curacao Bloggers! From left to right: Cristina, Berry, Omaily, Sujenne, Tiffany, Stacey and me.  

I was part of the judging panel for the Miss Dushi Personality by Dushi magazine. I had a great time and it was an honor to be part of the pageant.

Gwendell Mercelina Jr from WENSHOW and I. 
Winners from left to right: 2nd runner up Ginette-Marie Monte, winner Xafira Urselita,  1st runner up Marviella Meursing, 3rd runner up Tiara Hart. Congratulations to all the contestants!
Dinner and a swim at Playa Forti / Westpunt beach. 
Last but not least the beautiful and popular Kenepa Grandi beach! 
Bye bye to my lovely home and I'll be back very soon. Find my Traveling Diaries Curacao part 1 (here) and 2 (here). Have you ever been to Curacao? What are your thoughts on the island? 


  1. Wat een mooie foto's zeg met die wolken. Leuk dat je mee mocht doen in je Jury vond je het niet eng?

    Confessions of a blonde

    1. Thanks! Het uitzicht is echt mooi. Jurylid zijn is inderdaad heel erg leuk. Het was zeker niet eng, omdat ik het vaker heb gedaan en heb zelf ook meegedaan aan verkiezingen. ;)

  2. Great pictures.
    Come and visit my Blog:)

  3. Great pictures.. I really miss my Home..