Trend: Peplum

The peplum resembles a short skirt over another clothing piece. Back in the days its purpose was to protect the underlying garment. Now it's evolved to a fashion statement piece that is essential in every woman's closet.

Peplums accentuate the waist and give the body an instant hourglass figure. Body types don't matter, because a peplum fits and looks great on all. There is a wide variety peplum items such as skirts, tops, dresses and even bottoms. My favorites are peplum tops and skirts. I love that they're very elegant, feminine and fun. Lately a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers have been spotted wearing peplums. It is a trending piece that we will definitely see all through the fall and winter season.

Get the trend! Here is a list of my peplum picks. There's a piece for every budget and taste!

Floral peplum dress EUR 25.00 - New Look

Wrapped peplum dress EUR 46.22 - Nasty Gal

Asymmetric peplum skirt EUR 30.28 - Nasty Gal

Contrast black and white peplum dress EUR  35.09 -

Poppy red victoria peplum dress EUR 46.22 - Nasty Gal

Peplum bow back dress EUR 32.39 -

Bandeau dress with peplum EUR 42.65 - ASOS

 Sequin bandeau peplum top EUR 42.65 - ASOS

Bow belt peplum dress in cobalt blue EUR 54.02 - ASOS

Mint green lace peplum dress EUR 44.95 - 

Peplum pencil skirt EUR 34.95 -

Satin black peplum top EUR 29.95 -

Herringbone peplum skirt £28.00 - Topshop

Tied crochet peplum dress EUR 46.22 - Nasty Gal

Cut out peplum dress EUR 49.76 - ASOS

Pencil dress with bow belt and peplum EUR 56.87 - ASOS

Casual dotted peplum dress EUR 18.48 - ASOS

Striped jailbreak peplum dress EUR 46.22 - Nasty Gal

Leopard print bandeau peplum dress EUR 17.77 - ASOS

Animal jacquard print peplum mini skirt EUR 22.04 - ASOS
I especially love the Mango top and the ASOS red pencil dress with the bow belt, but if I could I would have them all. Let me know which are your favorites!

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