Traveling Diaries: Curacao #1

Hi girls! I'm finally home in Curacao. I arrived two days ago and the trip is already very fun and exciting. I was born and raised in Curacao. When I was 18 years old I moved to the Netherlands for studies and I still live there with my boyfriend. Now after three years we finally came back to Curacao for a long vacation. It's been only two days, but we have lots of plans to make the trip amazing. 

On my second day I was one of the judges in the Miss Curacao Teenager 2012 pageant. As the former MCT 2006, the organization asked me to be a judge for the second time. I love beauty pageants, so it was another fun experience. Congratulations to all the finalists, especially the winner Johana Mata Araujo! She is a beautiful, intelligent girl who did an amazing job at the finals.
From L-R: 3rd finalist Chantely Apostel, 2nd finalist Michelle Thielman, Miss Curacao Teenager 2012 Johana Mata, 1st finalist Marily Martina ( photo source)
MCT 2007 Laurien Angelista (L) and MCT 2006 Gianni Webster (R) ready to judge the MCT 2012 competition. What I'm wearing: H&M necklace / New Yorker top / ZARA neon blazer. 

On day number 3, we went boating on my dad's boat. We went cruising in Spaanse Water and docked at Hyatt for some family fun.
Boyfriend Roberto and I at Hyatt
There are so many places we are going to visit. And of course I'm here to do some fashion and beauty shopping! I have also missed the Curacao restaurants and foods so much. I can't wait to eat all my favorite foods again. I will keep you guys posted on our traveling diaries with lots of photos and more. Till next time! xx

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  1. Hi Gianni :)
    Super leuk om je verhalen te lezen :) Ik vind het super leuk dat jij en Steffie na zoveel tijd weer terug zijn bij jullie ouders en geboorte plek :)
    Ik wens jullie nog hele fijne dagen
    Kus uit het regenachtige Nederland!