Shopped at Primark

Yesterday I went shopping with my girlfriends at Primark. I was super excited to go! But this time Primark was a bit disappointing when it came to the clothes. I didn't buy a single piece of clothing. I did buy two gorgeous necklaces!

This is a bold statement necklace with a sea shell shape and edges. I love gold and white/cream, so I had to have it.

Tribal turquoise and gold spike necklaces. Again I love gold and turquoise, so had to have this one too. Both necklaces are only EUR 5.00 at Primark. They are pretty nice and cute for summer! Now I have to start looking for summer clothes. I always buy tons of jewelry and accessoires and then I have nothing to wear them with. I already have some things in mind. Once I have them, I'll let you girls know!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tiff! Go check them out. Got them in Primark Rotterdam! ;)

  2. OMG I lovee the one with the turquoise! Wilde t ook kopen. Denk dat ik volgende week toch maar weer langs ga ;)

  3. You got some really nice necklaces