News: Ombre Shades Nail Sets by 'The New Black'

Yesterday I came across this post by one of my favorites nail bloggers Chalkboard Nails. I have never heard of The New Black brand before, but I was immediately intrigued.
Ombre is a huge trend in beauty and fashion. You can find pretty much everything in the ombre style from hair, nails, lips to clothes and accessoires. The gradient effect is appealing to almost everyone. The New Black makes it easy to follow this trend with their Ombre nail set concept.

In each set you get 5 nail polishes that are carefully picked to create the ombre effect. Next to having the perfect shades to create and ombre manicure, you have 5 beautiful individual nail colors. I think these sets are perfect for the ones that don't have a huge nail polish collection to create their own ombre manicures. Now let's take a look at the different shade sets available!
Floyd (pink set)
Horizon (blue set)
Rover (red set)
Graffiti (black/grey set)
Haze (purple set)
Walrus (brown/neutral set)
Wave (green/turquoise set)
With the 5 polishes you can create a skittle ombre manicure with every nail a different color. Or you could try doing an ombre effect with the colors on each nail using the 'damp sponge technique'. Which do you prefer?

Find The New Black at facebook. The Ombre Nail Shades 5-piece sets by The New Black are available at Nordstorm, Sephora, Beauty for only $22. That is a great price for 5 nail polishes. Unfortunately they don't ship these to NL, so I'm still on the look for them here. If you guys know where to get them, leave a comment below!

Edit 3/3/2013: The New Black is finally coming to Europe. Follow them on twitter and facebook for more information. 

Q: Did you know about The New Black Ombre nail sets? Would you want an ombre manicure? Which set do you like most? 

Photos: Via Nordstorm


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  2. Never heard of this brand either but I really like this concept!!! If you find them in Holland, let me knooooooooow :p