Tip: Umbra Jewelry Trees at Cadeaux

A few days ago I found some of the cutest jewelry stands in Maastricht. Right now I have a white jewelry tree, check it out here. But then I saw these new models at the gift shop Cadeaux. They have many metal and acrylic jewelry stand to chose from, but these two are my favorites!

Umbra - partridge jewelry tree is made of metal and clear acrylic. This combination gives it a clear chrome look, which I really like. And I love that the metal is covered with clear acrylic, so it won't get rusty and/or ruin your jewelry. It has four movable branches with sweet little birds that will stop your necklaces and bracelets from sliding off. And the cupped base keeps rings and other tiny items. The little birds are super cute and give this tree a super girl touch.

Umbra - icelet jewelry tree is also made of clear acrylic and metal. This one also has movable icelet branches. I like that the branches split so you can put more jewelry on separate branches. And it also has a slidely cupped base for rings, earrings etc.

I'm not sure which one I like more, but they are both perfect for necklaces and long items. The jewelry tree that I have now, can't hold long pieces, so maybe I'll get one of these. Both are available at the gift shop Cadeaux and online for EUR 29.95. Go take a look at Cadeaux in your city or google Umbra jewelry trees and be amazed by all the lovely goodies. 

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