News: Essie Summer Collections

We all know that almost all nail polish brands have seasonal collection every year. As a nail polish fanatic I try to stay updated with all brands and collections. It's fun to the see new colors and names.

Essie is a well know nail polish brand worldwide. Just recently they have introduced the Essie brand in some drugstores here in NL. You can get Essie for EUR 9.99 at Etos and DA. I have always been fascinated with Essie colors and collections. But the funny thing is I don't own any of their polishes. I have had a Essie manicure done once in Amsterdam and I fell in love with the peachy color Tart Deco. Since then my Essie wishlist contains 20 polishes. Since their price is a bit high for me, I'll see if my mom can get me some in the US. Today I want to share with you two of the latest Essie collections with gorgeous summer colors. These are available at Beauty Bay.
The Poppy Razi collection is a bright neon summer collection. I am going to find out if this collection will be available in NL. From left to right:
lights - incandescent super bright pink
camara - neon red pink
action - vivid wild tangerine
bazooka - mind blowing blazing red orange

The Bikini so Teeny summer 2012 collection has bright and pastels. will temporarily be available at Etos and DA in June 2012. From left to right:
fear or desire - bright orange crush
off the shoulder - bold hot pink
cascade cool - creamy sweet dusty pink
bikini so teeny - sparkling cornflower blue
all tied up - rustic bronze with subtle golden shimmer
mojito madness - fun-loving lime green