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Yesterday my order from the dutch bath & body web shop The Beauty Bakery arrived. The Beauty Bakery by Angel is known for it's sweet pampering products with delicious scents. Just to give you a few examples: cheesecake cherry pie cupcake soaps, chanel no. 5 whipped body butters and coconut butter pure spa bars. Once you visit the web shop, you won't be able to resist the goodies!
After browsing for hours I finally picked two products. The Coconut Banana Cake Pure Spa Bar and the Vanilla Coconut Whipped Body Butter. They came nicely packaged in a box with pink wrapping paper and bubble wrap. There was also a cute business card with a lovely message on the back. I was so excited to try my new goodies out!

Whipped Body Butter - Vanilla Coconut
The whipped body butter comes in a plastic jar. I got the small jar with 100ml for EUR 7.50. The body butter is a hand made natural product. It contains 80% pure sheabutter which is a great skin moisturizer! It also has almond oil, vitamin E and other vitamins to help and nourish the skin.

The minute you open it, you smell the most delicious vanilla coconut sweetness ever! I kept smelling it the whole time. It's really irresistable. Everytime I go in my room I open the jar just to smell it. Since I already opened it I pick up a little bit and rub it in my hands.

The body butter is white with very light pink dots. And it's super fluffy and creamy. It's totally what I imagined a whipped body butter should feel like. It's super soft and a little bouncy.

I made a close up photo for you to see the texture. Doesn't it look like whipped cream with the air pockets and stiff peaks?

A little bit goes a long way. I usually pick up a small amount and rub it in. It melts like butter and becomes oily. But it's absorbed quickly into the skin and doesn't leave a sticky or oily film behind. In the photo above you can see how it has started to melt. The scent stays on strong for at least 5 hours. You can smell it from a distance. I am extremely happy with my Vanilla Coconut Whipped Body Butter! I really recommend this to everyone, because I have never had anything like this before. It's a musthave product for sure! It would also make a great gift!

Pure Spa Bar - Coconut Banana Cake
The Pure Spa Bar is wrapped in plastic. You get about 100 grams of product for EUR 4.95. There are many scent to chose from, but I chose this scent because I love coconut and banana mixtures.

I love that it actually looks like a Coconut Banana Cake! The yellow banana color with the brown top, looks ultra yummy! There are actual banana peel and coconut bits in the top part. The scent on this one is pretty strong and sweet. But I love it! It definitely smells like a banana coconut cake.

Here is a better view of the top with the banana peel and coconuts! I've already showered once with this pure spa bar. I use it like you would a normal soap bar. Rubbing it with water makes a rich creamy lather that smells amazing. After rinsing it off, my skin feels a bit tight. This feeling goes away though once my skin is dry. Overall I like this pure spa bar, although I would prefer liquid/gel soap. I love the strong coconut banana scent when I'm showering. It's delicious!

For these lovely products, check out The Beauty Bakery website

Q: Have you guys ever tried any of The Beauty Bakery products? How was your experience? I am in love! 

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