Review: Beautybox March

Last month I received the very first Beautybox, remember this post? Well I have used most of the products except for the perfume. So it's time for a review!

Lookx - Mascara Ultra Lash. It's nice to try out new make up. I've used the mascara a couple of times. And I like that it separates my lashes and is clump free.

Swarovski Eau de Parfum - Aura. Haven't used this one yet. I'm not sure why, I just never grab for it when I'm getting ready. Maybe because it's not a spray bottle? It can easily spill if you aren't careful opening it.  

Trind Caring Color - CC143. The color is quiet dark, but still very beautiful. It's not a color I would wear this time of year though. It looks gorgeous with a matte top coat.

Orofluido - Beauty Elixir. I tried this one twice on damp hair after washing. Unfortunately it makes my hair extra dry and frizzy. So I won't be using this anymore. I'm not sure what the problem is, but maybe it just doesn't work with my curly hair. 

Thalgo - Oxygen SOS Serum. Now this product I love! It's clear serum for the face. 
You apply this after cleansing but before putting on day cream. I used it twice daily for about 3 weeks. It claims to be a rescue remedy for stressed skin with reparative, oxygenating and detoxifying benefits. This product feels wonderful and refreshing on the skin. As you can see below it's a clear gel like serum. It spreads easily and is absorbed into the skin pretty fast. This product has not done any miracles for me, but I really like the feeling and boost it gives my skin.

emerginC - Multi-fruit Cleanser. Before I received the Beautybox I was using many different skin care products. This did not help my skin at all. And it was against my own believes, that you should use the whole skin care line of one brand to see results. Nonetheless I decided to give the emerginC multi-fruit cleanser a try.
According to emerginC the mutli-fruit cleanser is a gentle soap-free cleanser which helps remove dead skin cells, cellular debris and makeup without over-drying the skin. It's good for any skin type. You apply this on dry skin, massage it in, then add some water before rinsing it off.
Because it's soap free, it does not lather. And that is also the reason you apply it on dry skin. When massaging it in it feels extremely oily and creamy (see picture below). But after you rinse it off with water, your skin feels soft and clean. It indeed does not over-dry your skin. The orange scent of the cleanser is quite pleasant. Overall I liked this soap free cleanser.

That is it for the March Beautybox. So not all the products turned out to be amazing, but I wouldn't have tried them out if it weren't for the Beautybox! I have already received the April box. I will post more about that soon! If you want to get the Beautybox too, check out their website for more info. 

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