New: ASOS bracelets

Last monday I ordered two cute bracelets on ASOS. My packages arrived friday! I had them on all day, 'cause they are so pretty and cute! I got them during the sale at ASOS for under 8 euro's each. They are very fine and feminine. I already know that I'll be wearing these a lot! I'll try mixing them with bigger and bolder pieces as in the stacking trend.
ASOS Skinny Cross bangle and ASOS Fishbone Fine Bracelet. For the Springy Stripes nail art, check this post!

Get the Cross Bangle here and the Fishbone Bracelet here


  1. Super cute. I wish I could order some for me.
    I love the tiny details like fish bone and I'm always doll for gold pieces

    1. Thanks. I love gold and tiny details too! ;) They have free worldwide shipping, but you do need a credit card!

  2. Really cute! I prefer fine jewelry over big chunky bracelets. It looks very classy