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Spike Bracelet ASOS
Recently I showed you guys my two new ASOS bracelets here! Well I didn't tell you that I ordered one more a few days ago. At first I was not sure about this one. Because I have seen it before in stores but somehow I never bought it. I went searching on google for actual pictures and I was sold! Look at the amazing pictures I found!

These photos are not mine! The first and last one are from Annabelle at VivaLuxury and the middle one is from Natascha at In search of Sadie. 

After seeing how gorgeous the ASOS Spike Strech Bracelet looks, I had to have it. I got it with 10% off during the sale. I can't wait for it to arrive. They also have many more colors now, check them out here!


  1. Me too! I want it too. Jewelmint had a nice one also, but we can't get that one here. I need to order mine still...

    1. Get it before it sells out! ;) I'm sure it is gorgeous!