NEW! Performance Eyes Kit by Sigma (+10%discount)

Sigma has launched yet another brand new kit! 
Performance Eyes Kit ($55) featuring 8 new eye brushes! 

 E11 Eye Liner
 E16 Tightline Liner
 E17 Waterline Liner
 E21 Smudge Brush
 E36 Blending
 E46 Shader – Inner Corner
 E47 Shader – Crease
 E56 Shader – Lid

Check the promotional Sigma video on the brand new brushes! 

The price for the kit is $55,00! Less than $7 per brush is a great deal! Buying this kit also gets you a complimentary gift! Use the code MARCH2012 for a 10% discount! 
Buy exclusively at Sigma! Check it out right here!

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