New Caviar Manicure by Ciate

Have you already spotted the newest nail trend? A few days ago I came across the Ciate Caviar Manicure online. Since then everyone is raving about this product. But I have to admit I am super excited too!
This idea is so clever! I mean I have seen this before and you could easily DIY this. But it's very clever for a well known major company to actually make this a selling product! It's the first three dimensional nail kit of its kind. The kits contain a bottle of Caviar Beads and regular Ciate Paint Pot. They come in three color combinations:
  • Black Pearls kit comes with dark Caviar Beads and the Ghetto Fabulous. 
  • Mother of Pearl kit has white Caviar Beads with the white base Snow Virgin. 
  • Rainbow kit contains multi colored Caviar Beads with a pink base color in Strawberry Milkshake. 
Black Pearl looks very sophisticated and cool.
Mother of Pearl is very classic and chic.
And the Rainbow kit looks like cupcakes! Sweet, girly and cute!
I am in love with all of them! I can't really pick a favorite. But if I had to it would probably be the Rainbow Kit. I am not sure when or where these Update: They will be available here in the Netherlands in May. As soon as I know more I will share all the info! According to Sephora NL they will be available in stores in september. Follow me on Facebook for these kinds of updates and more!

Q: Are you excited for the Caviar Manicures kits by Ciate? I am! *BIG smile on face*