Comfort Zone by Wet n Wild

Comfort zone is one of the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collections. It includes 8 brown and green toned eyeshadows. They're all shimmery/frost and some even contain fine glitter. You can create many looks with this palette, from soft neutral to dark smoky. 

On the left side you have the brown tones and on the right the greens. On each shadow you can see where best to apply it on the eyes, for example browbone, eyelid etc. Of course there is no rule in make up, so you can use whatever shadow you want where ever you want it. 

Let's discus the packaging. I like that I can see the colors through the clear plastic. But I handle my palette very carefully, because I'm afraid it might brake. It doesn't close very well, so I don't carry it loose in my bag. So the packaging overall is not that good. 

I am happier about the actual product. All the shadows are very smooth and easy to blend. They do crumble a bit, so you have to be careful when dipping your brush in the product. As you can see in the photo above the definer in the right column is missing bits. This one is my favorite color and it crumbles a lot. I think it's because of the fine glitter. 

I really love this palette, I use it all the time! My mom got me these in the US for about $5. I noticed they are selling this at for 6.95 (free shipping worldwide). So it's still a good price if you don't live in the US. 

Keep on reading for the swatches!

Browbone R: light brown/grey/taupe with a frost finish. On my skin it just looks like a white sheen. I don't use this one much, and especially not as a browbone highlighter because the contrast with my skin tone is to big.
 Eyelid R: yellow-green with a gold shimmer. I don't like green, so this one has never been used.
 Crease R: dark brown-green with gold shimmer/glitter. On my skintone it looks brown as you can see with gold shimmer. I have never used this one either, because I like the other shimmery brown in this palette better.
 Definer R: red-brown green duochrome shadow. This one is gorgeous. When applied all over the lid, it gives so much dimension to the eyes. With each angle the color look different. I love it!

 Browbone L: light beige with a white frost finish. This one looks slightly better on my skintone as a highlighter than the one in the right column. You can also use it as a highlight in the inner corners and on the eyelid.
 Eyelid L: dusky light pink-peach with a shimmer. This one looks gorgeous over the lid.
 Crease L: light brown with gold shimmer. I don't use this one in my crease, because it's too light. But it looks beautiful on the lid or inner corners. I think on a light skin tone, this can be used in the crease.
Definer L: dark red-brown with red-copper shimmer/glitter. This one is my favorite of all! I use it all over my lid and crease for a simple smoky eye.

This is one of my favorite palettes! I mostly use the shadows in the left column. They are perfect for my everyday smoky eye! I would recommend this for everyone looking for nice eyeshadows for a budget price!
PS. I have read many blogs about these shadows being great dupes for higher end products!

Q: Have you tried the Comfort Zone palette by Wet n Wild? What did you think?

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