As seen on ... Springy Stripes

This time I am recreating the 'Springy Stripes' by Nailside! These colors are really nice together. It reminds me of the sun and the ocean. Nailside did this mani with tapes. The funny thing is I didn't have tape, so I did mine without. I think it turned out pretty nice! Below you can see the Springy Stripes by Nailside. Isn't it gorgeous?
Original mani by Nailside (photo source)
Curious how mine turned out? Keep on reading for more pictures and a quick how-to! Enjoy!

This is my recreation of the Springy Stripes by Nailside (with flash). 
This is my recreation of the Springy Stripes by Nailside (without flash).
Colors I used L-R: Essence Mellow Yellow, Essence C'est la vie!, Essence You belong to me and H&M Brown.
Here is a quick photo-how-to if you are out of tape like me. But if you have tape it will turn out much nicer! 
 Q: Like the Springy Stripes manicure? It's very fun and springy! Give it a try!


  1. it came out pretty nice , i was actually thinking bout doing this with papaya yellow purple and green , what do you think ?

    1. thanks! That will make a great combination for sure!

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