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This post will be about the make up brushes that I'm using the most at the moment. I have many brushes, but a few are for sure my favorites. I will also discuss what I look for in a make up brush, the pricing etc. GlamorousGia favorite make up brushes featuring GOSH, Real Techniques and Sigma.
GlamorousGia favorite make up brushes featuring GOSH, Real Techniques and Sigma.
These are my top 10 favorite brushes. I didn't even notice I had a top 10, until I counted them. What a coincidence right? As you can see I have a few brushes by Real Techniques, Sigma, Gosh and a few nameless brands. 

GlamorousGia favorite make up brushes featuring GOSH, Real Techniques and Sigma.
I don't really buy a brush just for the brand. That is why I have a few nameless brushes. What I look for when buying brushes are:
  • Quality: makeup brushes should be soft and durable. The bristles should be nice and soft. The brush should be well shaped and full, the handle has to be glued well and the bristles are not supposed to fall  out easily. If I'm making a purchase online, I won't be able to check all of these requirements. That is why I make sure to always read many reviews before purchasing.  
  • Price: the maximum amount I would pay for a single brush is between  10-15 or $15-20. Of course I usually go for more affordable brushes with great quality. 
  • Packaging: I love simple black handles with either gold, silver or black ferrules. If a brush is too colorful or toyish looking I wouldn't buy it.  
I finally have a good set of brushes that I love and that meet my criteria. Keep on reading to find out which brushes I love, how I use them and where to find them. I put them in the order I used them when doing my make up. I start with concealer!

Sigma - Precision Tapered P86
Sigma - Precision Tapered P86. I love this one to apply cream concealer. It also helps me get the perfect contoured eye area. The small dense tip is very useful for around the eyes. If I don't have this one by hand, or if it's not clean I will use the next brush below. [purchase at Sigma]

Sigma - Precision Angled P84
Sigma - Precision Angled P84. I use this one mostly to highlight and contour my face. I sometimes use it to apply concealer under my eyes.  [purchase at Sigma]

Real Techniques core collection - Pointed Foundation Brush.
Real Techniques core collection - Pointed Foundation Brush. I bought my Real Techniques core collection online at Love Make Up. At first I didn't use this brush much, but now I love using it for applying liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer. I first apply the foundation in streaking motions and then I dab the brush to finish it off. When I don't feel like applying my foundation/moisturizer with a make up sponge or with my fingers, I use this foundation brush. 

Real Techniques core collection - Buffing Brush
Real Techniques core collection - Buffing Brush. It claims to be ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation. It's not ideal, it's perfect! I love this dense buffing brush. The bristle are super soft. I use this to apply my powder. So this step comes after applying my foundation. I don't always use foundation, but I always use a little bit of powder with this brush. [buy here]

Real Techniques core collection - Contour Brush.
Real Techniques core collection - Contour Brush. This is my favorite blush and contour brush. The bristles are very soft. The brush is not too big and fluffy, so I find it useful for building up product in small precise areas. [buy here]

GOSH - Eyeliner Brush Slanted.
GOSH - Eyeliner Brush Slanted. This is my most used brush of all time. This is the brush I use to fill in my eyebrows. It's the perfect size and shape. I love that it is very thin, this helps making the ends of my eyebrows nice and thin as well. I have to say if you are looking for a great eyebrow brush, this one is of great quality and it's affordable. I got mine at the Kruidvat drugstore a few years ago when they had a huge 50% off sale. 

Real Techniques core collection - Detailer Brush.
Real Techniques core collection - Detailer Brush. I use this one in combination with the GOSH eyeliner brush for my eyebrows. This brush is super tiny and perfect to shape and define my eyebrows with a bit of concealer. I apply concealer under my brows to shape the arch and the ends. [buy here]

Small Flat Eyeshadow Brush.
Small Flat Eyeshadow Brush. It's flat and fluffy. The bristles are not stiff. I use this one to apply eyeshadow on my eyelids. It's tiny and fits my eye shape perfectly. I also use it to apply shadow on my lower eyelid and lash line. 

Round Eyeshadow / Blending Brush.
Round Eyeshadow / Blending Brush. This one is my most favorite brush for the eyes. I use it all over the lid, in the crease and for blending. This one is from a nameless brand and it only costed me 2. 
Small Flat Brush. Small Flat Brush. The bristles are stiff unlike the previous small flat brush I mentioned. This one I use for eyeliner, glitter and lips. I use it with many gel eyeliners to define my eyes. If I'm applying glitter I use this brush, because it's stiff and small. It's easy to apply glitter with precision. And sometimes I even use this brush for applying lipstick. 

I have had these brushes for a while now and I'm still loving them. Once you have a favorite brush, you are going to stick to it until you find something better. I have my eye on some MAC, Sephora and Sigma brushes. They are a bit pricier, but I will buy them one day hahaha. I can't have enough brushes! 
I hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions or remarks feel free to leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by! 

Q: What are your favorite brushes and why? 

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