Review: Glossybox products

Last december I received the special Christmas Edition Glossybox. 
Keep on reading to find out more on the products!

December 2011 Glossybox - Netherlands
These were the products that came in the box. I was pretty satisfied with them! The scaredy cat loose eyeshadow and the osis+ hair spray are the ones I haven't tried out yet. The loose eyeshadow has a very nice color and pigmentation though. Let's move on to the products I am using. 

First the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It's a mild white powder based on rice. You mix a bit of the powder with water to make a paste. And apply it in circular motions on the skin after that I wait a few minutes before rinsing it off. I use this every night in the shower. It leaves my skin very smooth and soft. I haven't noticed any big changes in my skin, but I do like the feeling after using this product. 

The Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm. This lip balm is a sheer balm made of natural oils. It has a very strong scent that I don't like that much. But it works wonders for my dry lips. I have extremely dry lips especially during the winter. I like that this lip balm is oily but not sticky like a gloss. It doesn't last long on the lips. But I don't mind reapplying it every now and then. From now on I don't leave the house without my Cowshed lippy cow lip balm. 

And the last product is the KOH Essential Hand Nourisher. It's a creamy beige hand cream with a very pleasant scent. From my experience it does moisturize my skin, but it's not any different than other hand creams I've tried before. I like the small size of the container, it's perfect for in my everyday bag. 

Overall I liked the products in the glossybox. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and the Cowsehd Lippy Cow natural lip balm are definitely my favorites. What did you think of the products? Liked them?


  1. Don't you just love these's like Christmas all year! I get the Birchbox. Congrats on being pick of the day on Bloggers. Following you there and here!!

    ♥ Shia