News: Versace for H&M

The Versace for H&M collection will be available on the 17th of November! The collection will also be available online on the same date at 10:00am. If you want to be the first seeing and getting all your faves, make sure your at the grand opening in several H&M stores in the Netherlands. 
Keep reading for more info and pictures!

Versace for H&M
Leather dress €249 - Bracelet €24.95 - Suede Boots €129 - Bag €99
Dress €69.95
Dress €99
Silk dress €129
Silk dress €179 - Silk scarf €29.95 - Ring €19.95 - Flower bracelet €34.95 - Bracelet €24.95 - Bag €149
Silk scarf €29.95
Leather jacket €199
Legging €29.95
Bag €149
Silk dress €129
Bag €99
Dress €99 - Necklace €39.95 - Ring €19.95
Dress €99
Necklace €39.95

Versace for H&M collection at Dutch stores: (Be there at 8:00am!)
• H&M Amsterdam – Dam 4
• H&M Amsterdam – Kalverstraat 200
• H&M Den Haag – Wagenstraat 15
• H&M Maastricht – Mosae-Forum 99
• H&M Rotterdam – Beursplein 10
• H&M Utrecht – Radboudkwartier 231

There are some great pieces in the collection. Unfortunately I won't be able to be at any H&M store on the 17th. I'll be in India by then! Maybe they sell them in India? I hope so, I would love to take a look. Although most of the pieces are quiet expensive, If I could I would get the pink silk scarf. 

Are you excited for the collection? What are your favorite pieces? Planning on buying any? 
xx, Gia


  1. What a collection! I liked the silk black dress with the golden details on the waist and also the ring. Don't know if I'm going to buy the dress *€€€* but I'm sure going for the ring!

  2. There are many more pieces in the collection. I love the black silk dress too. And I agree with you about the *€€€*!! ;)

  3. I have to have that leather jacket and thatsilk black dress!!!! I already have an outfit put together in my head. I am so over there in the morning to talk to my people who work over there;o Great post Gia

  4. The leather jacket is indeed very nice! Good luck, I hope you can get all the pieces you want. I'm pretty sure it's going to get crazy at the store :P ;)And thankss :D

  5. Chrismax Present in nov!! Sorry but this collection is why i love dresses and why we al women r in need of a bigger closet or dare i say walking closet! :P I love that its rock/ though but still chic!!:P