Sephora ♥ Any Way Any Where

Yesterday I shared in this post what I got at the Sephora 3 for €10 sale. Here is my NOTD with the Sephora matte nail polish Any Way Any Where #78.  

Quick Review 
Sephora: I'm in love with Sephora nail polish. They have a thick brush and the formula is great. You can use only one coat for a perfect finish. But I always like to put 2 coats on my nails. The thickness of the brush is perfect, because it pretty much covers my whole nail surface.

Any Way Any Where: This nail polish actually dries completely matte. But it was not the look I was going for so I used my Sally Hansen top coat. I really wanted it to be shimmery this time. But I have to say the matte finish is really cool. 


Two coats of Any Way Any Where  with top coat. (with flash) The silver tone is predominant in this photo. but in real life it's mixture of silver and gold. Gorgeous color combination!

A blurry photo of Any Way Any Where (with flash). The gold tone is so beautiful in this photo. This photo gives the best  look of the actual color of Any Way Any Where.

I really recommend taking a look at all Sephora nail polish. They have a lot of colors to chose from. There must be one perfect for you! ;) xx,Gia


  1. OMG I have this same matte one!! When I swatched it at the store I almost died because its soo pretty!