NEW BUY: H&M Mini Nail Polish

Last week I visited the big mall CentrO in Oberhausen, Germany. It was a super fun shopping trip. On this trip I bought some new H&M mini nail polishes. These are perfect for the upcoming season.

Info & Price
The H&M nail polishes come in a very cute box. Unfortunately I was too excited unwrapping, that I threw away the nice packaging. You get 5 mini nail polish containing 5ml of product for about 6.
From left to right: Coral, Mustard, Petrol, Berry and Purple.
Quick Review

These are the five colors you get. How cute are the bottles? I love the gold caps and gold writing on the bottles. Like any other H&M polish, the formula is okay. It applies fairly smooth. 2-3 coats is needed to get a perfect finish. I especially love the deeper colors for fall and winter. Coral does not fit in the package in my opinion. But it's still a pretty color. 

In all photo's I applied two coats of each nail polish. Purple  is a deep purple, almost turning blue depending on the lighting. Berry is a nice rich burgundy color. Petrol is a dark turquoise. And Mustard is a trendy dark yellow. 
From left to right: Purple, Berry, Petrol and Mustard (no flash)
Mustard, Petrol, Berry and Purple (with flash)
I love these H&M minis. The colors are very nice and complement any fall/winter outfit. Like them? xx,Gia


  1. Niceee! I especially love the mustard one

  2. @PrncszTffny Yes!! The mustard one is really nice. I just had to have it ^^