NEW BUY: H&M Jacket

I was in a search for a gorgeous chique winter jacket. Today I went shopping in Maastricht and as always I visit the H&M stores. And my journey is finally over! My winter days will be fashionable! ;) 

Quick snapshot of me trying on the jacket! :D

It's a slightly fitted jacket with concealed pockets and snaps. It has an elastic waistband with a decorative bow. You can buy it online or in stores for €49.95. I am in love with this jacket. And the length is perfect for me. What do you guys think of the jacket? Love it or hate it? Have you bought a new winter jacket? Do tell!



  1. This is so cute Im still looking for my winter jacket!!

  2. @Hunter87 It is indeed super cute! <3 At H&M they have many to choose from, go check them out ;) Hope you find a gorgeous one!

  3. Love this coat on you! It's scream "Gia" all over, especially with that cute bow belt ;)

  4. Lovez it! But is it warm enough though..? It looks more like a fall jacket.. But love it anyway!