Beauty MustHave: Victoria's Secret Body Lotions

I love everything by VS. I wish I could buy their products here in the Netherlands. If your going on a vacation, you can buy their products in the store at Schiphol! Since I'm not leaving the country anytime soon, my mom brought me some products from Curacao!

The VS body lotions from their Secret Garden line, are beauty must-haves. They have the most yummy scents that last all day long. I got three scents which I'm in love with.

Victoria's Secret Hydrating body lotion in Wild Scarlet, Amber Romance and Ravishing Love. 

The hydrating body lotions contain nourishing aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts, plus antioxidant vitamins E and C. In Curacao they cost $8 for the 250ml (8.4oz) bottles. Each Scent has it's own mixture of fruits and flowers. 

Wild Scarlet is a mixture of Juicy Apple, Lily and Sheer Musk. It actually smells like bubblegum in a way. I love it! Amber Romance is a mixture of Black Cherry, Creme Anglaise and Sandalwood. This one smells very sweet. Ravishing Love is a mixture of Pomegranate, Blackberry and Lilac. It's very fruity and fresh. 

I am in love with my VS lotions. I use one each day and it truly lasts all day. There are many other scents available, check them out on the VS website
Now the lotions come in a new more feminine packaging in the Fantasies line. I can't wait to get some more! What do you think of the VS body lotions? Which scent is your fav?

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