ZARA Fresia fragrance

I recently bought a new fragrance and I love it so much, that I had to share it. Last week I went to ZARA and I came across their beauty products. They had several fragrances and of course I tested them all out. 

The Fresia eau de toilette natural spray was an obvious stand out to me. It smells so good!! I can not really explain the scent, but it is strong, very mature scent. It does not smell like a flower nor a fruit. I couldn't find the ingredients on the internet, so this perfect mixture will remain a big mystery. 

Review of ZARA Fresia fragrance.Review of ZARA Fresia fragrance.

The packaging is pretty cute and chique. The bottle is very small (you can hold it in one hand) containing 50ml of fragrance. It's easy to carry around in your bag. I love the simplicity and size of the bottle. 

I love tiny perfume bottles because their cheaper and cuter. Besides I like the fact that I can finish this bottle easily. I'm not into collecting big bottles of perfume which I probably won't use after a while, because I found a better or lovelier scent. 

You can find the ZARA Fresia at ZARA stores for only €9.95.

Have you ever tried any ZARA fragrances? Are you going to try Fresia?


  1. it is very nice but its diffeclt to get this product in germany i find in zara stor but i coudt find it

    1. It is! I'm not sure where you could find it in Germany. Maybe ask at the Zara counter if they have it or where to find it! I hope you find it! It's very lovely ;)