TREND: Yellow Accents

The latest trend this time of year is ... Yellow accents
Use any tone of yellow in your outfit to spice it up. The key is to just accent your outfit with a yellow piece, for example your nails, eyes, shirt, shoes, clutch or watch. 

I am currently searching for a great thin yellow waist belt. I own many different shades of yellow nail polish that I love to wear from time to time. You can make great color combination with yellow. Try using some turquoise, blue, navy blue, white or black. 

If you want to go for a bold & edgy look, you can definitely use yellow as part of the color blocking trend. Mix it with again blue or purple for an exciting outfit. 
I've put together some great yellow pieces right here. Tell me what you like the most! ;)

I am curious to know, if you gals like yellow. And do you incorporate it in your outfit much? Will you be following this trend this summer? I sure will! <3


  1. Yellow mellow!!!
    I sooo love this colorfully trend...
    It really brightens the day and gives a summery feeling!

  2. Yellow is a color I never thought of putting on. I've been told not to wear it because of my skin tone but these pics are so gorgeous! I do love yellow nail polish!

  3. Hi GIa!

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