H&M ♥ Brown

A quick mani using nail polish by H&M. A few months back I bought the H&M nailpolish mini-pack Spring Nails (photo below) for only 2.95. I used the color brown, which looks like a nice caramel/camel color. Take a look for yourself in the pictures.

After having the brown on for a few days, I decided to try out my Essence Matt top coat. The matte topcoat works perfectly and dries very quickly. If you want to try a matte top coat, I recommend this one. It does it's job and it's very affordable. I bet it will look really nice on a glittery nail polish. 

I love this color with the Essence matte top coat.  Have you tried using a matte top coat? 

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  1. the colour is very pretty~~~i luv~~~i didn't know H&M makes nail polishes...lol