LUSH VIP night and goodies

On 25th of May LUSH Maastricht organized a special VIP night. The theme was: Make your own Mask. I came across the event on their facebook channel and twitter. If you live in the area of Maastricht and love LUSH products, check their FB and twitter out for upcoming events and new products! ;)

VIPnight: Make your own Mask
At arrival as always we get served drinks and snacks (chips and fruit.. yum =D). This time we made LUSH fresh face masks in groups. We made the Cupcake and Catastrophe mask. The ingredients were provided, we just had to mix them to make the mask. The lovely LUSH girls gave an explanation about the ingredients and their working mechanism in each mask. 

After making the masks, we could test out other products and get in depth explanation on them. This helps you in choosing products that fits you. By making a purchase that night, you get a goodie bag with the LUSH newspaper and a product. Everyone could chose on of the masks we made as a gift. Keep reading to find out which one I chose. And they always give little samples of any product you chose. 

Overall I really like going to these VIP nights. This one was my third time! I really recommend everyone to attend the VIP nights. It's fun to go with friends and  have a good time.


Little haul and goodie bag
Upper left to bottom right: Flying Fox shower gel, Curly Wurly shampoo sample, Cupcake fresh face mask made at VIP night, Happy Blooming luxury bath melt, Tea Tree Toner tab, Vit C Toner tab. 

Flying Foxy Shower Gel 7.95 100mL (gift in the goodie bag) 
This is the sex-appeal honey shower made with real honey. It smells really nice and I love that when I take a shower the whole bathroom smells sweet. 

Curly Wurly liquid shampoo - €15.95 220g (little sample)
This is a preservative-free coconut and vanilla shampoo. Good for curly hair. It's supposed to calm curls and tame tangles. the nutritious coconut and natural butters help to nurture dry hair and eliminate frizz. I have not used my sample yet, but all I can say is that it smells amazing! Considering it's a natural products, it will help my hair as all my other LUSH hair products do.

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - €10.95 75g (freshly made gift at the VIP night)
This is a good mask for oily and teenage skin. Its action removes excess oil and calms breakouts. And the most lovely part is that it smells absolutely amazing, just like chocolate cupcakes. Yum! Furthermore it contains Rhassoul mud which cleans and soothes. Linseed, cocoa butter + powder soften the skin. It also contains peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood oils that complete the deep cleansing mixture. I tested the mask! It felt really refreshing putting the cold mask on, using a spoon and fingers. It took a little time to remove with water. But afterwards my skin felt really soft and clean. I think it's a good mask, but not sure if I will ever notice the benefits by only using it once. 

Happy Blooming Luxury Bath Melt - €6.25 60g (purchased myself)
This Bath melt smells so sweet. I have always wanted this one, because of the strong cherry scent. The blend of calamine, ylang and cocoa butter will leave your skin smooth and non-greasy. i'm very curious about this, will be using it very very soon. It consists of breakable parts, so you can use it three times! ;)

Tea Trea Toner Tab and Vit C Toner tab €0.95 each (purchased myself)
These are great toners for steaming your face. The Tea Tree one is good for acne prone oily skin. The Vit C toner restores and softens the skin. The antioxidants combat free radicals, preventing skin damage and aging. 
This is it for this post. I truly love LUSH products every time I visit the shop, I discover something new. I hope you enjoyed reading about LUSH products and the VIP night. Once again I recommend everyone to visit one of these super fun nights. Have you already attended one? Let me know ;) 

Pictures: LUSH Maastricht facebook page (Andy Bartholome), website

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