HEMA ♥ long lasting 81

Hi everyone! This is just a quick post on nails. On Thursday May 12th I went to a fashion event organized by Silk-PR. You might know this company from the Dutch program 'Modemeisjes met een missie', featuring the beautiful Tamara, Josh and Maria. For this event I wanted neutral nails with a hint of color. The HEMA long lasting nailpolish #81 is a very beautiful light pink/peach color with a sheen. I just fell in love with the color the moment I saw it. I had to buy it! ;) Here the pictures! I did my nails on the train, do excuse my not so perfect edges :D

What has been your NOTD these days? 


  1. Hey

    Jij hebt een item gewonnen van Fashionolgy! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150188815398649&set=a.453818693648.239936.182418538648&type=1&theater

    Zou je je adresgegevens naar stage@yourscene.nl willen sturen?

    Dankje wel!

  2. I saw you at Silk event.

    Like your blog!!


  3. @Samantha That is great news! Super thanks! :D

    @Sonya Thanks! I think I saw you as well. ;)