TREND: Feather Hair Extensions! ♥

Trend feather hair extensions with Hilary Duff.

Lately I have seen many pictures online of girls with feathers in their hair! And I have to say these look super cute! Even some celebrities like Hilary Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt have joined this trend. I love how you can change your look temporarily with these feathers. You can choose out of many different patterns, colors, lengths and styles. 

Trend feather hair extensions

Trend feather hair extensions with Heather Morris from Glee (Brittany)
Feathers have always been a fashion piece that almost every girl loves. Especially the peacock feather is very wanted. You can find feathers in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair clips etc. So it is actually not weird at all, that we now want feathers in our hair. 
Trend feather hair extensions very colorful.
These feather extensions come in different sizes, lengths, patterns and colors. You may chose to go all out with pink ones, or more neutral tones that blend in your hair color. I would prefer the later just because I would want it to look as natural as possible. A good example is the picture on the left of the lovely Heather Morris from Glee (Brittany).

Another very cool thing is that you can blow dry, curl, wash and style these however you want. It's an easy DIY or you can choose to let a hairstylist do it for you. But of course it will cost you a lot less if you do them yourself. There are many online and Etsy stores that sell all materials needed.

Here is one tutorial that I found very helpful in understanding how you put in your feather extensions. As you can see in the video, you can also easily remove the extensions. 

I went on tumblr for some more pictures of feather extensions. And I found some very cool styles. Enjoy the pictures.
Trend feather hair extensions black and white girl photo.

Trend feather hair extensions in blonde hair.Trend feather hair extensions

Trend feather hair extensions

Trend feather hair extensions

I am seriously considering getting some. But because my hair is naturally curly I think it will not blend in my hair well like I would want. But I could always use them when I style/blow dry my hair either flat or wavy curls. 

Loving feather extensions? Would you where them?

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[Images via sites: tumblr, stylebistro, goolge]


  1. Great Post, I was planning to do one as well :)
    I will definitly wear one. I think it's very unique and something fun to do!

  2. Thanks!:] X.
    Do one! I would love to read your view on these! ;) They are fun right? I think I going to buy some next month.

  3. Awesome post! I was also gonna post about it and also try it in my hair but I think I would have to order them online, no idea where to find them here in holland.


  4. I actually bought a few thnx to your post! I'll post pictures soon, I hope they stay cool with curly hair.. lol

  5. They are so cute! I want some ASAP :D