NEW: Sephora haul & tips

Hi everyone! This post will be about the products that I recently bought at Sephora. If you live in The Netherlands you might know that there is a huge Sephora sale going on. You can get 3 sephora brand make up products for only 10euros. That is an extremely good deal. They sale will end this on the 2nd of March. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS THIS AWESOME SALE! ;)

Sephora haul and tips featuring eyeliners, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss.
These are the products that I got. I am super happy with everything. But I do have some favorites and some that I just find okay. So keep on reading if you want to know more. 

-- Sephora Face --
Base sublimatrice primer - bronzing
Review and swatches of Sephora Base sublimatrice primer - bronzing.

 This is suposed to be a primer but I find it to be more of a highlighting/bronzing cream. It is shiny and gives the face a golden glow. So I would recommend using this for example on the cheekbones to highlight that area. It automatically gives your face a really nice glow. Do not use as much like in the picture, this is just to show the color better. Would I recommend this to a friend? YES!

-- Sephora Eye liners --
Review and swatches of sephora eye liners glitter kaki #10, crystal #11, eye pencil #502.Review and swatches of sephora eye liners glitter kaki #10, crystal #11, eye pencil #502.
From top to bottom: glitter kaki #10, crystal #11, eye pencil #502
Long-lasting eyeliner - 10 Glitter kaki. This is the most beautiful dark olive green/ brown glitter eyeliner ever. It is very shimmery (even more than in the picture). I really love this liquid eyeliner. I would wear it as a winged out liner on the upper lash line. This is my favorite product! It's a must-have! Go and get it now!

Long-lasting eyeliner - 11 Crystal. Beautiful shimmery white liquid eyeliner. It seems plain white in the picture but it has the most gorgeous pearlescent shimmer to it. Depending on the light, it looks green/blue/purple. Great product to add color to a neutral eye. Also usable as a highlight in the inner corners. if you apply just a little bit and smudge it out, it turns into a glittery shimmer. Super nice! 

Eye pencil - 502. Really nice creamy big pencil. The color is like mix of gold and silver. I would call this a champagne color. I love it as an eyeliner on the top or bottom lashes. 
Would I recommend these to a friend? YES, especially the 10 Glitter kaki.  

-- Sephora eyeshadows and glitters --
Review and swatches of Sephora eyeshadow 34 midnight kiss and white glitter p02.Review and swatches of Sephora eyeshadow 34 midnight kiss and white glitter p02.
 Sephora glitter - P02. White glitter that shimmers light gold. So beautifull! Another big favorite of mine! I am totally in love with this glitter. Apply it on top of a sticky base to make it stick on the lids. Be carefull using it though or you might get glitter everywhere :P.  I really recommend this one!!

Long lasting eyeshadow - 34 Midnight kiss. Nice purple eyeshadow. I usually do not like the texture of sephora e/s, but I swatched almost all of them. There are a few more I wanted, but I only went for this one. It is easy to blend and apply. Using a primer/base on the lids will prevent e/s from creasing. The color pay off is good. Would I recommend this to a friend? YES, if you love purple!

-- Sephora Lips --
Review and swatches of sephora lips From left to right: lip gloss 22 shimmery deep rose, lipliner 14 radiant rosy, lipliner 09 pleasant plum, lipstick G17, G03, R23.
From left to right: lip gloss 22 shimmery deep rose, lipliner 14 radiant rosy, lipliner 09 pleasant plum, lipstick G17, G03, R23. 
Ultra Shine Lip gloss - 22 shimmery deep rose. I love this color. I wear this almost every day from the day I bought it. It's always in my bag now. Very cute rosy nude color with a hint of gold shimmer. I also love the scent. The consistency is just right, not to sticky or watery. It goes on very nice and soft on the lips. Recommended!

Nano lip liner - 14 radiant rose. Very smooth lip liner. Great as a pink-ish nude color.
Nano lip liner - 09 pleasant plum. Gorgeous dark red/plum color. I love it! Dark lips look great on my skin tone. These nano lip liners are of very good quality and last pretty long. It's good to have different shades of liner to go with all the lipsticks in your collection. Recommended? YES, there are many colors to chose from! 

Rouge cream lipstick - R23. Dark red plum goes perfectly with the 09 pleasant plum nano lipliner. I love dark lips. This one is very creamy and the color is nice and opaque. I own a couple of other sephora rouges and they last pretty long (3-4h). 
Lip attitude. Glamour - G17. Kind of a nude color with e pink/peach undertone. Use it with the 14 radiant rose nano lipliner. The lip attitude glamour collection is more sheer than the rouge creamy lipsticks. Just apply more and build it up. 
Lip attitude. Glamour - G03. Super pretty coral peach color. Great for spring and summer. I did not get a lipliner for this one, but I will in the future. 
I recommend Sephora lipstick. Just go and swatch them all, to find the perfect shades for you!
Review and swatches of sephora lipsticks.

-- Sephora Mascara --
Review sephora lash plumper mascara in color black. And the last product is the Lash plumper mascara - black. It is a volumizing mascara with a big brush. I do not always like big brushes, because I always ruin the eye work a little bit. But after a few days using this, I got the hang of it. I do love is that it creates natural looking volumized darker eyelashes. There are no clumps. It goes on smooth and you can easily apply more coats. I recommend this, but there are definitely better mascaras out there. 

I hope you all liked this haul&tips. What Sephora products are your fav and why? What Sephora products would you recommend to us? Did you find this information helpful? 
Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! xx, Gia


  1. I love how you did this post! Now I really realized I don't know all that much about make up as I thought haha! Maybe I should look at more tutorials especially for the bronzer and primer, even though I just bought them because I wanted too..Not because I already use them, but it's never too late to learn! Really like everything you got!

  2. @PrncszTffny. Thanks! :D There is indeed always something new to learn for everyone, even for professional make up artists ;)