REVIEW: NYX jumbo eye pencils

Hi everyone! I recently purchased some super cool NYX products from Boozyshop. I picked up some of the amazing jumbo eye pencils and round lipsticks. I'm really loving them and wanted to share them with you. And they are at a really affordable price! The shipping is inexpensive. So you should definitely check this site out. 

The jumbo pencils are very very creamy. They definitely crease on my eyelids. I mostly use them for the bottom lash line. I love the glossy effect they have once applied. For example black bean works perfectly for a dark messy eye. I still have to figure out how to best use them on eyelids.

I will post some swatches for the round lipsticks some other time. The colors I got are Hermes and Brown Sugar. The are really nice colors browns. 

Do you own any NYX products? Do you love them?
xx, Gia


  1. Ohh I really love these jumbo pencils. They are really really good. I use them as an base on my eyelid to intensify my looks.

  2. Hi! I thought it would work good as a base. I tried it once, but it creased hahahah. I think it depends on shape of eyelids. Mines are a little hooded. ;)

  3. Yep I know... Same story here. If I use them all alone I can asure you that they will crease no matter what.
    But when I first apply my TFSI then the NYX pencil, my looks will last all day.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I'll be trying that out for sure! ;)

  5. It looks amazing! Got to try these once ;-)