Want a makeover?

I have been wanting to get a haircut for a long time. But I always change my mind after a while. I wanted to see myself with short hair, without needing to buy a wig. So I went online looking for those makeover sites...where you can upload your picture and change your hair, makeup etc. Well I found a great one! It is super fun and I recommend it to everyone. Especially if you want to have fun with your look and try out new styles.
If you wanna try it out check the website link here: 

Okay so here are a few looks I did. The pictures are kinda funny.. hahaha, because I did not have a good clear background with hair back photo to upload. So I just cut out the background and hair with paint. 
But it worked out fine. They have many hairstyles that you can try out. 
So just go to the site and play with all the possibilities.
So maybe, just maybe I'll be getting a haircut. Not sure yet, but for now I'll just keep my long hair and have fun with it. BTW what do you think of the looks I did? :D

Want a new hairstyle? Try it out online, so you don't regret afterwards! ;)


  1. HAHAHA I'm definitely trying this out! =P I like the one on the right.. But don't cut ur hair though!!!

  2. Hahahah... I won't ... for now! :D :D