NEW: VS first European store in Amsterdam! =D ♥

Who does not love VS? I wish I lived in the US, so I could shop at Victoria's Secret. Now I won't have to!! =D =D If you have not heard this great glam news yet, keep on reading.

Victoria's Secret will be opening their first European store in Amsterdam Schiphol this fall! It will not to be a big store, so unfortunately no lingeries. But! There will be other products available such as makeup, tights, shirts and accessories etc. How exited am I right now!! Next time I'm going on vacation I will sure  be stopping by the store! =D =D Even if they don't have the lingeries, only being in the store gives you the VS sexy glam experience.
VS will be a huge success in Europe (if VS realizes this!!). BTW they will be opening a second store in 2012 in London! So next year we will all be heading to London to buy us some gorgeous pieces.

I can't wait for the day that the open a store in the Netherlands with all their awesome products. Guess will have to wait, but hopefully not too long. ;)
How excited are you about VS coming to Europe? 
xx, Gia
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