Cosmetic wishlist♥ #1

As you might know I love love love make up and beauty products. I am very happy with all the products that I have at the moment. But a girl can never have enough, I sure can't. hahahaha What about you? These are the latest cosmetics that I am dying for. I'm planning on buying a few each month. But the problem is every week some new products enter the list lol. But it doesn't matter, that won't keep me from buying more and more. As you have noticed, this post is #1, so many more of these posts will be coming your way in the future. Anywho here are some of products on my wishlist. There are many more but I couldn't find good pictures. So I'll put them in the next post ;) 

Cosmetic wishlist:
MAC e/s in Club. It's a red-brown with green pearl (Satin). This color sounds amazing. I've seen many swatches of it and it looks great too. 
MAC e/s in Woodwinked. It's a warm antique gold (veluxe pearl). I used this once on my lids, when I went to a day-class at the MAC store in Maastricht. It is absolutely gorgeous. 
MAC PRO pigment in Burnt Burgundy. From reviews and swatches it looks like a very nice red-purple color. I just love that it's a dark but colorful color. ;) I don't know where I going to find this one, because the MAC store in Maastricht does not sell PRO products. Maybe in Amsterdam? Do you guys know have any idea? 
Sugarpill cosmetics 4-color palettes in Burning Heart (left) and Sweetheart (right). In Burning Heart: flamepoint, buttercupcake, love+ and poison plum. And in Sweetheart: dollipop, afterparty, midori and tako. I really love colorful e/s/. When I saw these a few years ago online, I fell in love. But I never had the chance to buy then anywhere. But now I can order online!! :D These e/s are very very pigmented in a matte finish, which I love! So I can't wait to get these soon :D :D!!
Sugarpill cosmetics loose eyeshadow in Magpie, Asylum, Lumi, and Royal Sugar. Very pigmented as you can see and super nice colors. Lumi even has two shades in one! How cool is that?!  

I really want to know what products you are wanting lately (and why). So that I can also add some more items to my list :D ;P


  1. Now I'm aiming to get the Sigma brushes. Oh when Oh when. LOL xD

  2. Oh Yeahhhh.. I totally forgot about those!! ;) Thanks for reminding me :D :D.

  3. Hahahahha, You're welcome :)
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