Sweet nails

Lately I really like a light pink color on everything. It's also a trend that goes well with this time of year. I have quiet a selection of nail polishes. These are the latest addition to my collection. They are not expensive, but still of a pretty good quality.
 From left to right: HEMA metallic in purple (0L02), Catrice Ultimate nail lacquer (210 Just Married), HEMA long lasting in pink (003) and Catrice Ultimate nail lacquer (080 Let's Talk About Barrie!). 
They are all very nice and pretty colors. I think the purple by HEMA was limited edition and it's a small bottle. 

The best quality  goes to the metallic purple by HEMA. I once had it for a week and it still had not come off by itself. The other ones require more than three coats for you to get the color as in the bottle. Therefore these only lasts for a couple of days, maybe 3 or 4. That is actually not that bad. 
This is what the polishes look like on nails. I took 2 pictures in different lighting. And as you can see they are always really nice and cute. Personally I really love the Just Married and 003 pink. These colors will look good on anyone. Just try them out and you will be amazed of how cute and sweet they are. 

What are your fav nail colors this time of year? And what brand do you like to use?


  1. can you remember what the price was of the HEMA nail polish.. digg that sweet girlie color

  2. Heyy.. I think it was 2.60euros or cheaper ;)