Super clean brushes

This is a tip for all of us, who use our make up brushes pretty much every day! 

How to clean your make up brushes:
I use a mixture of antibacterial hand soap and just a tiny bit of baby oil. By mixing the 2, you get clean and smooth brushes. Personally I don't use my foundation brush much, but I do it clean every time I've used it. The other brushes I clean once a week. 

The most important part is the way you store your brushes to let them dry. It has to be upside down! Why?? This is the only way all the water will drip off from your brush. And the water will not be able to loosen up the glue at the base of the brush. I have been experimenting on how to put my brushes upside down and found an amazingly funny way. 

The best way I could find was looping elastic bands on a towel rack to secure the brushes. If you don't have a towel rack, you can use any kind of bar you have in house! Hope this helps. 

How do you clean your brushes? Do you clean them often enough?

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