Rihanna's new hairdo ♥

Rihanna has had many many hairstyle in such little time. This one is the latest she's rocking. Here is a photo of her new big hair! This is probably for her 'S&M' music video. We'll see when it comes out! Exited!! :D :D Do you like her new hair? I'm loving it, she looks cute and sexy.
Rihanna red curly hair.

Other Rihanna hairstyles throughout the years. Let's take a look and see! 
I made a compilation of all the styles she had, that I loved♥! Of course she had many others, she can pull anything of. I hope one day to be able to recreate at least a few of the short ones. Also check her makeup, super glam in every single photo. Don't you think?

Rihanna celebrity different red hair styles over the years.

Rihanna celebrity different brown and blonde hair styles over the years.

Which Rihanna hair styles are your favorites? Would you die your hair hot red or have a boy cut?
[Phots via stylebistro.com, Rihanna facebook page]


  1. she sure has changed a lot over the past couple of months/years..
    but i don't have the guts to do something that extreme with my hair

  2. Me neither for now hahaha. I think if I had a good hair stylist like her, I would do anything. :p