Review: Playboy ... Play it lovely ♥

Perfume is something many girls love!! From floral, fruit to more mature scents,there is a wide variety of scents in the world. I don't like a specific scent, it just has to smell good. I'm not a perfume-aholic, but I have a few that I really like. What about you? Are you totally in to perfumes?
review playboy play it lovely fragrance perfume.

'New' scents: PLAYBOY
The perfumes by Playboy are very cute. There is play it Sexy, Spicy or Lovely.
I got Play it Lovely as gift and I LOVE IT! It really is lovely. It's a very nice mixture of floral and fruit scents. Besides that, is the packaging super cute and the bottle even cuter :). 
 I would definitely recommend this one to every girl. I don't like the other two that much, to me this ones has the best scent. But it's up to you how you Play it.

Have you got the playboy in you? Which of the Playboy perfumes do you like the most?

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