H&M fashion: -♥- love is in the air -♥-

Valentine's day is coming up!♥♥♥ And even H&M is getting prepared for the most romantic day of the year. They have many products for us in store with symbols of love. Here are two of the pieces I liked the most! The luscious red lips chain-strap bag and a cute white shirt.

Images via HM.com
They also have plenty of cute spring pieces. I think I will be getting a few, depending on how they look like and of course the price.  Here are some spring pieces that I think are very pretty and romantic.

Are you ready for valentine's day? 


  1. ommmgggggg, i LOVE the bag and the kiss tshirt! hopefully there are still some left in the store when i go.. these things can go fast!!

  2. I know right, I fell in love with the bag the moment I saw it! I think they also have a red lips clutch, super cute.
    Don't know if they are in store yet. But will soon be in. And I think a good option is going very early in the morning! ;)